Official Donation Letter


       This is Wole Olugbenle, your friend/co-worker/guy that smiles a lot or is just randomly everywhere and you know me as : Mr. Popular.  However, you might not know my full story. Like anyone else, my story is not perfect but it has shaped who I am.

I grew up on  several continents mainly North America and Africa. My moves across the globe  enlightened me as I was not always with my immediate family and had to develop as a young man without my parents, siblings and those who were most familiar to me.  It was clear to me that the world was divided in so many ways from cultural issues, socioeconomic status to ethnic demographics. The global inequalities surprised me and the suffering of humanity in even the most developed nations  was a shock to me.

I believe that enduring love is the only way past all of our issues. This love compels us to move beyond caring to actively engaging in meeting needs.  In my journey of self-discovery, this has culminated into a mission to bring cultural education and appreciation through a lifestyle fashion brand that is also a  platform to help address global inequalities. The first inequality we want to address is making an impact on the lives of some of the 150 million orphans in the world. My belief is that we all deserve a good foundation as we pursue our God given destiny. It is from this foundation that we either grow to be good global citizens or stay in constant struggle. All children deserve to be given a fair chance at having a solid foundation, support system and to feel love.  

Please join me in a soft launch of  my brand (IFE AYE) which means “Love World” in the yoruba culture of Nigeria ( in December of this year. This launch will be the first of an annual event, #IFE150,  that will showcase global cultures with a special focus on using both event revenue(donations, ticket sales) to raise funds of which a 100% of profit will go towards several orphanages across the globe . At the same time, IFE AYE brand will be donating 50% of profit of our products sold to these pre-vetted organizations. I need your help to make this vision come to reality for the lives of children across the globe.   

       Opportunities for your support are:

  • Cash donations that will fully go to pre vetted orphanages across the globe

  • Your presence at the Ife Aye event  (you can purchase VIP tickets or a full VIP premium table)

  • New products or services to be used for a silent auction

Donations can be sent here.
To give us your unused items please email or call me

I strongly believe that while there are many issues in the world, we should not shy away from doing what we can individually to make a difference. Below are five children that I have adopted through one of  the orphanages since April 2017 and it has been a joy knowing that in some small way one child will grow up knowing they are loved and not abandoned.

So join me in making a difference while enjoying each other’s cultural heritage in all its glory.  IFE AYE!



Nicaragua, 6 Year



Kenya, 15 Years Old



India, 7 Years Old



Philippines, 10 Years Old


Riya Yadav

India, 10 Years Old


One Child Matters is an international child development ministry helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children living in poverty. They empower children to reach their God-given potential by creating opportunities for transformational development: spirit, mind, and body. Through our development programs, children receive food, education, medical aid, and hope in Jesus Christ. 

Wole Olugbenle